Don’t talk smack about Sinovac

Sinovac is not ineffective but has lesser efficacy than mRNA vaccines. With Thailand’s Delta variant pandemic, Sinovac also isn’t ineffective but still has lesser efficacy. Logic has it then that the government should move mountains to procure mRNA vaccines. But reality has it otherwise, as yesterday, the cabinet approved anotherContinue Reading

Leadership 101: German Chancellor versus Thai General

Flip through any management or crisis management book and find that leadership or lack thereof is the key to either success or disaster. Welcome to German Chancellor Angela Merkel versus Thai Fuhr… sorry, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha. There’s a clip ( done by a Thai and shared by manyContinue Reading

“Blimey, this country has got more than enough materials for a new book,” George Orwell

According to the Department of Disease Control, 880 medical professionals are infected with COVID-19 and seven are dead, most of whom have already received two Sinovac shots. Because mRNA has better efficacy against the spreading Delta variant, the Health Ministry changed its vaccine strategy. No more two Sinovac doses. ThaisContinue Reading

Vaccine civil war: Sinovac VS mRNA

11.6 million-plus doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered, or around 4.4 percent of the population: 6.4 million Sinovac.4.7 million AstraZeneca.160,000 Sinopharm. A vaccine civil war ensued over the past few months: Sinovac versus mRNA (specifically Pfizer and Moderna). Thais pushing for mRNA are called nation-hating Three-hooves. Thais whoContinue Reading

Culture 101: when saving faces is more important than saving lives

There’s a conspiracy to allow Thailand’s medical professionals to possibly die to save the faces of the Kingdom’s ruling generals. The hashtag #ฉีดPfizerให้บุคลากรการแพทย์ (give Pfizer to medical professionals) is top trending. In addition, there’s an online campaign hunting for signatures for government submission. The news media reported a leaked governmentContinue Reading

When the culture champions inequality, everything we do is an expression of inequality

Some governments vaccinate the people indiscriminately. No matter the race, creed, breed, or citizenship, if the person is within their national borders, they are treated equally in the vaccination drive against COVID-19. In some countries, like the United States, they even vaccinate tourists. Some vaccination strategies are straightforward. For example,Continue Reading