Poo Noi

—————Equality is an empty word written in the constitution. What we say and do each and every day defines who we are: we Thais are not equal. Government Spokesperson Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana called it:“A familiar relationship between boss and underling.”“An affectionate and playful family thing.” He is absolutely correct. Thanakorn alsoContinue Reading

The News You Can Trust

——————–Everyone’s news consumption motto should be this: When Pheu Thai is in power, watch Top News. When there’s a military or military-backed government in power, watch Voice TV. Ideally, every news media must provide checks and balances on the government, every government. But ideal and reality are two different things.Continue Reading

Brain gain; brain drain; brain dead

The opposing sides of Thailand’s political divide have found a common cause: Do not let foreigners buy homes and lands. The sentiment is pushed by news headlines that bold the word “ขายชาติ” (to sell the country; traitorous, betraying one’s nation). We imagine 1972’s “Fist of Fury,” in which Bruce LeeContinue Reading

“No! It’s mine!” “No! It’s mine!”

Culture is mix and match and ever-evolving. If we are obsessed over “who owns what,” we then fall into the trap of nationalism, ethnocentrism, and racism—the devolution, not the evolution, of humanity. Nonetheless, we should recognize history. Regarding the inadvertent war our 13 September article “What cultural ownership does ThailandContinue Reading

What cultural ownership does Thailand have?

Pranpriya Manobal or Lisa Blackpink is one of the biggest K-Pop stars in the world. She’s also Thai. On 10 September, she released her much anticipated solo single “Lalisa.” It already has some 117 million views. And, of course, controversies ensued. The single features the chorus line, “Protect it likeContinue Reading

A reflection of an authoritarian and intolerant culture

“Sinful desserts” is a saying that describes the deliciousness, yet unhealthiness, of desserts. In Thailand, however, we take the meaning quite literally. Thailand’s National Office of Buddism is a wealthy and powerful institution that police all monks and temples, not to mention the people’s morals. The military and the policeContinue Reading

Pimry Pie VS General Prawit Wongsuwan

Pimry Pie is an online celebrity and businesswoman who enjoys doing humanitarian work but seems to always get into trouble for it. Over the new year, she installed solar cell panels for a remote village. It caused embarrassment for the government, which said she overclaimed the solar cell panels’ costs.Continue Reading