“Blimey, this country has got more than enough materials for a new book,” George Orwell

According to the Department of Disease Control, 880 medical professionals are infected with COVID-19 and seven are dead, most of whom have already received two Sinovac shots.

Because mRNA has better efficacy against the spreading Delta variant, the Health Ministry changed its vaccine strategy.

No more two Sinovac doses. Thais will receive one Sinovac and one AstraZeneca. Those who already had two Sinovac doses will receive an additional AstraZeneca booster.

What’s the efficacy of the Sinovac-AstraZeneca combo? After strenuous lab testings to provide solid scientific… oh, who are we kidding? It’s simply because government doctors say so.

Thailand operates under the management manifesto of “making things up as we go along.” Not only in COVID-19 management but also in the law.

According to iLaw, starting 12 July, if your social media post creates public fear, you will face up to two years imprisonment and a 40,000 baht fine even if your information is true.

According to Matichon Online – มติชนออนไลน์, Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu Krea-ngam said this does not violate civil rights or liberty because it’s an Emergency Decree measure.

Meanwhile, a large group of soldiers was spotted at the airport taking a flight to the US. Social media went nuts over rumors they might be going for vaccination.

However, the military quickly dispelled the rumor: they are going for parachute drills at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

And why not? There is no better time to jump off a plane than now.

Obviously, the soldiers would have to be vaccinated if they spend time in the “The Bluegrass State.” But vaccinated in Thailand or elsewhere, and with which vaccine combo, who knows?

Meanwhile, the government finally released vaccine contracts that opposition politicians have been demanding. Except almost everything is redacted, including price agreements. Just pieces of paper with smeared black inks.

There you have it, Thailand 2021: The secretive state making up a vaccine combo like it’s a Kentucky Fried Chicken special, while the truth can land you in prison.

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