Bold words, clueless actions, and dying Thais

Thai singer Hunz Issariya posted a photo with his girlfriend in New York Times Square, each showing a vaccine certificate.

He wrote:

“I pay taxes. But there aren’t enough good vaccines in the entire country [Thailand] for the demand of the people. At the same time, here [USA], there are leftovers. Let me stress, ‘leftovers!’ As many jabs as 7 [Eleven]. Full of [COVID-19] testing stations. What is this?”

Meanwhile, Khaosod yesterday reported a family of three (a 93-year-old grandpa, a 63-year-old father, and a 42-year-old son) who checked themselves into a field hospital.

A day later, a military vehicle took them out and left them near a temple two kilometers away from their home. They couldn’t flag down a cab because they have COVID-19. So they called the “Sen Dai” Foundation, which sent a team to take them home.

Most heartbreaking is a video clip shared on Twitter by @pruetthigon (per captured cover photo). In Samut Prakarn Province, health workers taking away a deceased woman. She passed away from COVID-19 at her home.

Two young daughters, 7 and 9 years old, stood by in tears. According to @pruetthigon, the older said to her mother:

“Mom, don’t worry. I’m a grown-up. I will take care of my sister.”

According to @pruetthigon, the two girls are being treated at Bangplee Hospital, after which they will be processed to a children’s home.

Social inequality is most glaring during a crisis. Equality isn’t having the same wealth. Equality is where the government can guarantee the same basic social safety net.

Those who can afford it have the right to find the best vaccines, as long as it doesn’t involve cutting queues. But the rest suffer because of government ineptitude.

The ongoing crisis is the lack of mRNA jabs. The immediate crisis is the lack of hospital beds. The most dangerous crisis is the lack of leadership, which continues to make bold words that are clueless of reality.

On 21 July, General Prayut Chan-o-cha declared there must not be any COVID-19 related deaths at home.

Dear general, what do you have to say to the two young girls who just lost their mother?

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