Don’t talk smack about Sinovac

Sinovac is not ineffective but has lesser efficacy than mRNA vaccines. With Thailand’s Delta variant pandemic, Sinovac also isn’t ineffective but still has lesser efficacy.

Logic has it then that the government should move mountains to procure mRNA vaccines. But reality has it otherwise, as yesterday, the cabinet approved another 4.25 billion baht for 12 million more Sinovac doses for its cocktail vaccination plan.

Furthermore, lawsuits will rain on your head, and China will get quite angry if you talk smack about Sinovac.

Former Palang Pracharat Party member Sonthiya Sawasdee is working hard to apply to any pro-Sinovac political party.

In July, he filed a lawsuit against 20 celebrities who commented on the lesser efficacy and the COVID-19 mismanagement.

Yesterday, he filed a lawsuit with the Election Commission to ban the Pheu Thai Party for “devaluing Sinovac” and “false accusation of government corruption.”

During last week’s censure debate, Pheu Thai MP Prasert Chantararuangthong “questioned” the government on who’s pocketing two billion baht in change in the Sinovac deal.

Meanwhile, Pheu Thai’s party spokesperson Aruni Kasayanon said of the vaccine, “Their trash is our treasure,” referring to how China is moving to mRNA vaccine, while Thailand still purchase Sinovac.

Or perhaps Sonthiya is applying for membership in China’s Communist Party. This week, the Chinese Embassy issued a statement defending Sinovac.

“They are safe, effective, and have been fully certified in terms of quality,” said the statement.

But it did not specify which COVID-variant. Alpha? Delta? Compare to which vaccine?

The point isn’t that it’s ineffective but that it’s less effective.

Doctor Yong Poovorawan said the Sinovac-AstraZeneca cocktail has more efficacy than just Sinovac. Fine.

But still, Pfizer has better efficacy.

Logic has it then; why not go after Pfizer? The answer is either ineptitude, or the Sinovac deal is simply too sweet.

Either way, the issue isn’t devaluing the Sinovac vaccine. The issue is, the government devalues the lives of the Thai people.

As Pheu Thai’s Aruni said, “Their trash is our treasure.”

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