A New Beginning

Dear all, after over 10 years of political commentaries, from the Bangkok Post to Thisrupt. After getting hosed by water cannon and coughing up tear gas, I have come to the realization that nothing changes in Thailand. In fact, things are becoming worse. Therefore, I’ve decided to enter politics, withContinue Reading

Who's the corrupted one?

————Uncle Tu loves the institution. Uncle Tu doesn’t corrupt. Therefore, Uncle Tu is a good person. There are a variety of reasons why people vote for and support a leader. Loving the institution is wonderful because love is beautiful. But it’s also a personal matter that should not be politicized.Continue Reading

Sinovac, the Sequel

From a less effective vaccine to a questionable Antigen Test Kit (ATK): Galactic incompetence? Shameless hanky panky? Both? These are questions, not an indictment, because other than the penchant for spraying rubber bullets, the government also has a penchant for filing charges against news that doesn’t make them happy. Here’sContinue Reading

Welcome to La La Land

The tragic fire at Ming Dhi Chemical’s factory on 5 July (3am) in Soi Kingkaew, Samut Prakan Province, proves Thailand’s failure past, present, and likely future. PAST The factory was set up in 1989, producing foam and plastic in an area surrounded by other factories and not much else. ConstructionContinue Reading

When the culture champions inequality, everything we do is an expression of inequality

Some governments vaccinate the people indiscriminately. No matter the race, creed, breed, or citizenship, if the person is within their national borders, they are treated equally in the vaccination drive against COVID-19. In some countries, like the United States, they even vaccinate tourists. Some vaccination strategies are straightforward. For example,Continue Reading