The time-honored privilege/seniority/inequality/bully culture struck again

On 24 May, news reports stated Parliament Speaker Chuan Leekpai reprimanded a certain assistant to a certain minister. Why? It’s because our time-honored privilege/seniority/inequality/bully culture struck again. This certain assistant bullied a medical staff at parliament. With mean words and aggressive hand gestures, the assistant attempted to cut the queueContinue Reading

The best lie is the one told by those you love

Propaganda 101 is the critical analysis of the government’s strategy to brainwash the people into citizen zombies with the single purpose of mindlessly obeying without questions. “The best vaccine is the fastest vaccine” (วัคซีนที่ดีที่สุดคือวัคซีนที่เร็วที่สุด) and “The good vaccine is the one that we have” (วัคซีนที่ดีคือวัคซีนที่มี) is an example of suchContinue Reading

Criminals may be cruel, but should society also be cruel?

Thailand’s prisons aren’t the worst globally, but prison conditions are notorious enough to warrant a few Hollywood movies such as 2017’s A Prayer Before Dawn and 1999’s Brokedown Palace. Watch “Thailand’s Toughest Prison, Bangkwang” documentary on Youtube, and you will see the “inhumane” living condition, packing tens of inmates inContinue Reading