Frontline workers VS Health Minister: fighting for Pfizer

“Doctors who have been working for one and a half years can’t get Pfizer. Soldiers that have just recently opened a field hospital already have Pfizer. What criteria do you use here?” – A volunteer frontline worker asked Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul in a meeting at the Health Ministry yesterday.

“We are almost without any confidence in the CSA [Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration], said dermatologist Doctor Khongkwan Fujitnirun.

“Every news and information from the CSA does not help with the people’s confidence.”

“We want a clear plan on what is being done… first, second, and third… we want transparency. This is what will build the people’s confidence.”

Yesterday, doctors and frontline workers met with the Health Minister to demand Pfizer jabs for all frontline workers, including volunteers.

They demanded the names of all military personnel and VIPs eligible for the jabs. They spoke up for the people’s rights to choose the vaccine, including which cocktail mix. They asked for the urgency of having Siam Biosciene’s AstraZeneca approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

As soon as Thailand learned we would receive 1.5 million charity Pfizer jabs from the United States, there have been accusations that the government rushes to give frontline doctors and nurses a third AstraZeneca jab to reserve Pfizer for “selected persons.”

News stories surfaced of police officers, soldiers, and others receiving Pfizer jabs while claiming they are frontline workers.

The government said they are either fake news or distorted information.

The distribution of Pfizer jabs is also called into question.

For example, according to Voice TV, Samut Prakarn Province (population of 1.3 million) ranked second nationwide in infected cases. On the other hand, Buriram Province (population of 1.5 million) ranked 74th nationwide.

But the former received 9,600 Pfizer jabs, while the Bhumjaitai Party stronghold received 6,960.

In yesterday’s meeting, the Health Minister assured that everything is being done properly, with the utmost importance to frontline workers and areas suffering most from the pandemic.

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