When you join General Prayut, you become like General Prayut

With General Prayut Chan-o-cha in quarantine, Doctor Yong Poovorawan has assumed the responsibility of saying things to make social media go nuts.

Regarding the mixing of Sinovac and AstraZeneca, which WHO doesn’t recommend due to possible danger of side effects and the lack of scientific support, Doctor Yong said:

“Of course, in this study, farangs have not caught up with us because, for now, farangs don’t widely study inactivated strains. While China doesn’t widely study the viral vector vaccine, for now.”

So basically, Doctor Yong is ahead of both the West and China.

Furthermore, he backed up his findings by citing 1,200 patients tested with the Sinovac-AstraZeneca combo, of which he said none had reported serious side effects.

According to Doctor Yong, the Inhibition Test yielded a 95% efficacy average, with many cases up to 99% efficacy.

But while the West and China may not have caught up with Doctor Yong, General Prayut surpassed him and the Health Ministry.

Shortly after announcing the Sinovac-AstraZeneca combo strategy, General Prayut recalled the order, citing that WHO has yet to support the vaccine combination. Further study is required.

Again, the public is confused by incoherent management, which points to the real problem: It’s not the vaccines. It’s mismanaging the vaccines and everything else.

Meanwhile, vaccine combination is not something new. Canada, South Korea, Germany, and United Arab Emirates all use different combinations of Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca. But there’s no Sinovac in the equation.

Furthermore, Doctor Yong said in his ongoing defense of Sinovac: “Virus or bacteria do not know which vaccine brand is injected.”

He’s correct. But coronavirus might be laughing its ass off when it sees an ineffective vaccine drowning in the bloodstream.

In closing, social media is advised not to go “too nuts” over Doctor Yong, because the doctor “ain’t playing.” He has filed a police complaint that his Wikipedia page has been tampered with.

A 24-year-old man is currently under police investigation for changing his job title to “Sinovac Salesman.”

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