Who's the corrupted one?

Uncle Tu loves the institution. Uncle Tu doesn’t corrupt. Therefore, Uncle Tu is a good person.

There are a variety of reasons why people vote for and support a leader. Loving the institution is wonderful because love is beautiful. But it’s also a personal matter that should not be politicized. After all, politicians have one priority: serving the people who vote for you and pay your salaries.

Uncle Tu is also loved for being “incorruptible,” as opposed to his arch-nemesis, Uncle Tony Woodsome, who pro-establishment Thais cast as “the most corrupted.” Case in point, the Ratchada Land scandal in which he’s accused of using his position of power to benefit the business owned by his former wife.

But Uncle Tu would never do such a thing.

Of course, his nephew, Pathompol Chan-o-cha, the son of Uncle Tu’s brother, General Preecha, who’s also a senator, registered Contemporary Construction inside the Somdej Phra Ekkathat army base.

Of course, in seven years, the company won three government projects worth 863 million baht.

Of course, since there’s so much public pressure, the National Anti-Corruption Comminiss (NACC) has been investigating the company since 2018. But there isn’t much progress.

Of course, Uncle Tu doesn’t corrupt.

Of course, taking over an entire country at gunpoint isn’t corruption.

There comes a time when we Thais ask ourselves: why we vote.

Loving the institution is wonderful, but the institution is already most well-served and most well-protected by the various apparatuses established specifically to uphold the institution.

Not corrupting is also wonderful, especially if one turns a blind eye to corruption. See no evil. Hear no evil. Unless it’s the evil committed by our political opponent. Ignorance is bliss. We just pretend there’s no corruption when it comes to our faction.

Elections may come sooner rather than later. Politicians are campaigning aggressively. Now is the time to open our eyes.

No matter our love and loyalty, don’t turn a blind eye to corruption and incompetence. Love the institution, but cast our votes for politicians who we believe will manage the country and serve the people through good governance.

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