#Feminism - If Wanthong (วันทอง) was real and in the present, she would be a feminist leader flashing the three-finger salute

Here’s the conversation between the king and the queen before the beheading of Wanthong in the series finale aired this week:Queen: “Wanthong has done nothing wrong. We should give back her life.” King: “But her mindset is too far ahead of our time.” Queen: “Perhaps it is us who failContinue Reading

Ong-dam Warriors of the Two Seas

The Songkran holiday ended on a high note for hardcore traditionalists and fans of vigilante (in)justice everywhere. Here’s the story. There’s a group of vigilantes calling itself “Ong-dam Warriors of the Two Seas” (นักรบองค์ดำสองคาบสมุทร). Ong-dam (องค์ดำ) is a name of His Majesty King Naresuan the Great. Sumet Trakulwoonnhoo is theContinue Reading

The Good (guards), The Bad (guards), And The Ugly Truth About Vocational Students

“ผมเอาไม่อยู่แล้ว แกนนำก็ไม่มีเลย ไม่รู้ใครเป็นใคร” “I can no longer control the situation. There’re no leaders. Nobody knows who’s who.” – Doctor Tosaporn Sirirak posted on his Facebook Page Doctor Tosaporn is a respected figure in the pro-democracy movement. He tried his best, using the loudspeaker and asking the Bad Guards to standContinue Reading