A low down dirty shame: destroying a child’s future over “disloyalty”

Not getting the attention from the mainstream media yesterday is this story.

A document from a school in Phuket reveals a list of students denied graduation from Mathayom 3 to Mathayom 4 for several reasons, none of which have to do with academic performance.

Gang fights. Participation in gang fights. Smoking. And “disloyalty to the nation and royal institution.” The students would be around 14 to 15 years old.

None of which are reasons to deny graduation. Not that anyone should support these actions, but they haven’t anything to do with academics. In fact, they are merely a part of growing up.

The controversy is the one student held back because of “disloyalty to the nation and royal institution.”

If students are loyal, that’s wonderful for the school. If some aren’t, the school cannot force feelings and have no right to punish feelings. This is but one example of indoctrination taking precedence over education.

Indoctrination has no place in the school. Education should inspire freedom of thoughts and use reasons to persuade. Not to punish freedom of thoughts because a student cannot be persuaded or indoctrinated.

Move Forward MP Rangsiman Rome has sent his team down to Phuket to investigate the matter. However, according to reports, the school’s director can only meet them on 19 April as the director is too busy with “important bureaucratic matters” for the time being.

Yes, Thailand’s educational crisis has taken a whole new meaning

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