The sexualization of a global pandemic

We didn’t want another article about Lisa Blackpink, really. But then again, even our first two articles this week weren’t really about Lisa. As per usual, they are a critique of Thailand’s cultural mindset. The Facebook Page “ไทยรู้สู้โควิด” (literal translation: Thais know/fight COVID) has 3.4 million followers. The page belongsContinue Reading

Mai Pen Rai: the national spirit of servitude

Only Sinovac is presently available, so let’s get vaccinated by Sinovac. Sure, it’s too risky for the prime minister because he’s elderly. But for elderly commoners, let’s get vaccinated. (The Prime Minister received his second dose of AstraZeneca yesterday.) Only this constitution is available, so let’s accept this constitution. Sure,Continue Reading

Criminals may be cruel, but should society also be cruel?

Thailand’s prisons aren’t the worst globally, but prison conditions are notorious enough to warrant a few Hollywood movies such as 2017’s A Prayer Before Dawn and 1999’s Brokedown Palace. Watch “Thailand’s Toughest Prison, Bangkwang” documentary on Youtube, and you will see the “inhumane” living condition, packing tens of inmates inContinue Reading