Umm… are there unisex restrooms inside Thailand’s gas stations?

A pervert in uniform or a policeman on a secret mission? Here’s a nauseating tale of how the law cannot be trusted.

Sirilapas “Mew” Kongtrakarn is an actress and Miss Teen Thailand second runner-up in 2003. She’s one of the few celebs who often posts about Thailand’s politics.

On 6 March, while she was driving on Ratchadaphisek Road, Sirilapas stopped at a gas station and went into the lady’s restroom.

She noticed a strange sound in the next toilet stall. When she came out, she found a man with a buzz cut inside the toilet stall. Sirilapas screamed out, asking who he was.

According to Sirilapas, the man panicked and said he came into the wrong restroom. He said he thought this was a unisex restroom. The man then escaped into a police car and drove away.

Yes, a police car.

Sirilaps filed a complaint at the Paholyothin Police station. Almost two weeks went by, nothing happened. On 19 March, she posted the story on social media.

It went viral, so the police finally acted.

The suspect turned out to be a police corporal, whose name is still withheld. According to the police, the suspect was on his way to deliver food to police officers guarding the Ratchada Court House.

On 6 March, pro-democracy protestors rallied in front of the Ratchada Court House to demand the release of jailed activists.

The police have promised to investigate the incident thoroughly.

[Security camera photo from Sirilapas’s Facebook Page.]

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