With power comes… whatever you want

Today, 5 May, the court deemed what happens in Australia, stays in Australia. Hence, there’s no bearing or consequence to the Prayut Chan-o-cha Regime. Therefore, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Thamanat Prompow is free to continue his service for the Kingdom of Thailand, in spite of his previous prisonContinue Reading

Let’s move countries: the hopelessness of the younger generation

Over the weekend, #ย้ายประเทศกันเถอะ (let’s move countries) went viral. Group members are now north of 640,000 and still climbing. Twitter and Clubhouse are abuzz with banter about which country people would like to move to. Some reports said it started with Pepper Hananya, a young transgender person who faces SectionContinue Reading

The Face Thailand: Prayut good, people bad

“Face Culture” is of utmost importance for us Thais. We all want to “dai-nah” (ได้หน้า, receive good face or image), not “sia-nah” (เสียหน้า, to lose face or image), and definitely not “nah-taag” (หน้าแตก, embarrassed, shattered face or image). Otherwise, people would “som-naam-nah” us (สมน้ำหน้า, laugh at our face). Therefore, weContinue Reading

A reflection of an authoritarian and intolerant culture

“Sinful desserts” is a saying that describes the deliciousness, yet unhealthiness, of desserts. In Thailand, however, we take the meaning quite literally. Thailand’s National Office of Buddism is a wealthy and powerful institution that police all monks and temples, not to mention the people’s morals. The military and the policeContinue Reading

Super Prayut: Can’t blame Anutin no more

On 27 April, Thailand’s government cabinet agreed, this is the only way to save the kingdom. In order to combat the surging COVID-19 Pandemic, General Prayut Chan-o-cha shall be given “full” but “temporary” power over 31 laws, bypassing the ministries and relevant agencies. Here are the 31 laws. Please countContinue Reading

#Feminism - If Wanthong (วันทอง) was real and in the present, she would be a feminist leader flashing the three-finger salute

Here’s the conversation between the king and the queen before the beheading of Wanthong in the series finale aired this week:Queen: “Wanthong has done nothing wrong. We should give back her life.” King: “But her mindset is too far ahead of our time.” Queen: “Perhaps it is us who failContinue Reading