A reflection of an authoritarian and intolerant culture

“Sinful desserts” is a saying that describes the deliciousness, yet unhealthiness, of desserts. In Thailand, however, we take the meaning quite literally.

Thailand’s National Office of Buddism is a wealthy and powerful institution that police all monks and temples, not to mention the people’s morals. The military and the police serve the will and whim of the powerful.

On 28 April, the National Office of Buddhism became gravely concerned over a “sinful” action that would lead to the moral decay of Thai society.

A dessert shop, Madam Choops, in Samut Prakarn Province, was making aalua desserts in the shape of holy talismans. It also, apparently, double sinful since the desserts are made colorful.

Having learned of the wrath (which is a sin) of the National Office of Buddhism, Madam Choops immediately announced on her Facebook Page that she would no longer make the dessert.

But that wasn’t enough. On 29 April, a troop of policemen and soldiers were sent to the shop to investigate and make sure no sinful shenanigans would ever occur again.

It is a long-held belief that when all else fails in life, there’s still the religion that people can take to their hearts’ comfort. But when religion behaves like the prime minister, no wonder we Thais are among the top countries in the world when it comes to alcohol consumption.

This isn’t an isolated incident but merely a recent reflection of an authoritarian and intolerant culture.

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