Super Prayut: Can’t blame Anutin no more

On 27 April, Thailand’s government cabinet agreed, this is the only way to save the kingdom.

In order to combat the surging COVID-19 Pandemic, General Prayut Chan-o-cha shall be given “full” but “temporary” power over 31 laws, bypassing the ministries and relevant agencies.

Here are the 31 laws. Please count up how many times you go “WTF” as you read through the list.

Communicable Disease Act
Vaccine Security Act
Drug Act
Water Navigation Act
Air Navigation Act
Digital Development for Economy and Society Act
Emergency Medical Act
Cyber Security Act
Public Health Act
Immigration Act
Fuel Control Act
Commodity Control Act
Arms Control Act
Medical Devices Act
Land Traffic Act
Ministry of Defense Organization Act
Pathogens and Animal Toxins Act
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Act
Social Security Act
Automobile Act
Military Service Act
Hazardous Substance Act
Computer Crime Act
Electronic Transactions Act
Prices of Goods and Services Act
Entertainment Venues Act
Sanatorium Act
Health Establishment Act
National Health Security Act
Pharmaceutical Organization Act
Food Act

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