The vengeance of the general

What’s next for Thamanat Prompow? He has approximately 30 to 50 MPs in his hand, depending on who you ask, and is still Party Secretary. He can stay with the dysfunctional Palang Pracharat, form his own party, or rejoin Pheu Thai. He can lead an immediate exodus or wait nearerContinue Reading

Fakeness in the rice field

Call it elitist mentality.Call it feudal mentality.Call it a narcissistic obsession.Call it by any other name; it’s Thailand all the same. The rigid social hierarchy expects the poo-noi (social inferior) to slobber at the feet of the poo-yai (social superior). This backward belief system does not recognize the rights ofContinue Reading

Don’t talk smack about Sinovac

Sinovac is not ineffective but has lesser efficacy than mRNA vaccines. With Thailand’s Delta variant pandemic, Sinovac also isn’t ineffective but still has lesser efficacy. Logic has it then that the government should move mountains to procure mRNA vaccines. But reality has it otherwise, as yesterday, the cabinet approved anotherContinue Reading

The greatest trick Thai generals ever pulled on the Thai people

General Prayut Chan-o-cha came to power because of tanks; remains in power because of a rigged constitution; escapes no-confidence votes because of unscrupulous politicians. He has managed to convince a sizeable portion of the Thai population that without him, evil traitors and ungrateful nation-haters will overthrow the institution. No matterContinue Reading

The banality of Third World-dom

Forget “love the monarchy” or “monarchy reform” for a moment. Forget Sa-lim versus Saam-geeb for a moment. Take a moment to ask ourselves: Are five more years of General Prayut Chan-o-cha the solution to Thailand’s problems? Because this is what we are looking at given the rigged constitution and 250Continue Reading

Bananas are nutritious and delicious

What happens in parliament is exciting, but General Prayut Chan-o-cha still has the votes. What happens behind the parliament is riveting, because it’s allegedly a bid to remove the votes from the general. Of course, MP Thamanat Prompow denied everything, saying bootlickers slobbering over the boss’s feet are spreading aContinue Reading

When Tu meets Tu: not a love story

The 31 August no-confidence debate saw a war of words between General Prayut Chan-o-cha (nicknamed Tu) and Thai Liberal Party’s Police General Sereepisuth Temeeyaves (also nicknamed Tu). These are the choicest quotes from General Prayut in replying to Police General Sereepisuth’s accusation of his alleged corruption, dishonesty, incompetence, lack ofContinue Reading

Nausea and corruption in Siam-land

He’s stripped of his rank, so we shall call Thitisant Uttanapol by his other nickname, Joe Ferrari. Joe Ferrari phoned into the police press conference last night and it became a heartfelt episode of: “Thank you, boss, for this personal platform to make excuses to the public.” He admitted whatContinue Reading