Fakeness in the rice field

Call it elitist mentality.
Call it feudal mentality.
Call it a narcissistic obsession.
Call it by any other name; it’s Thailand all the same.

The rigid social hierarchy expects the poo-noi (social inferior) to slobber at the feet of the poo-yai (social superior).

This backward belief system does not recognize the rights of the people. Rather, it applauds the fake generosity of the poo-yai who see the people as charity cases.

The mentality is this: Let the poo-noi eat leftover scraps in return for undying gratitude and loyalty. So we, the poo-yai, may continue to prance around this rice field in our Gucci shoes and sing off-key the delusional chorus line, “we are good people.”

The mentality of Thailand’s rulers isn’t stuck in the 20th century.
Their mentality is stuck in the 12th century.

The video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVzMeVjL6TQ) shows an image of Education Minister Trinuch Thienthong, followed by the description of a project to assist each student’s family with 2,000 baht.

Then comes a series of school children wai-ing and bowing heads ever-so politely, saying “khob khun ka/krub” in gentle voices, mini-hearts popping up on the screen.

Next, a uniformed student recited a script thanking the Education Minister, calling her the lofty title of “tan.” Finally, an image of the school principal pops up, decked out in full civil servant uniform, thanking the Education Minister.

So touching. So heartwarming. Doesn’t it just bring tears to your eyes?

Don’t you wish you could also give away taxpayers’ money and take all the credits? With a PR team directing students to film themselves to thank you?

According to The Momentum, many district offices across the kingdom ordered students and schools to do exactly this.

There’s nothing wrong with financial assistance. But there’s everything wrong with forcing people/children to slobber at the feet of the Education Minister.

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