When Tu meets Tu: not a love story

The 31 August no-confidence debate saw a war of words between General Prayut Chan-o-cha (nicknamed Tu) and Thai Liberal Party’s Police General Sereepisuth Temeeyaves (also nicknamed Tu).

These are the choicest quotes from General Prayut in replying to Police General Sereepisuth’s accusation of his alleged corruption, dishonesty, incompetence, lack of intelligence and integrity, and brutality.

“I pray every day; therefore I will do no wrong… I only have the monthly salary that I use every day.”

“You were only the police chief. I’m the prime minister. So, therefore, our experiences are different.”

“I want the people listening at home to understand. Look at my face. Listen to me. I speak from my heart. I speak from my brain that you say is so small. But don’t forget, I have six to seven years of experience [as prime minister]. That’s the difference that shows I know more than you.”

“I don’t see any police using real weapons…. The police are the only ones getting shot every day. So why do you say the police use violence? It’s not the truth. It’s not what happens in the images. Don’t just choose to look at images on social media. It depends on who shows the images.”

“Whether I stay or go depends on the democratic process. I cannot manipulate anyone. Today, the people have opened their eyes wider.”

“My orders are transparent, coming from committee resolutions. So don’t say I command as a dictator or say I’m addicted to dictatorial power.”

“If we only have one [submarine], I ask you what we will do if something happens? Should we prepare for the future? You think about it.”

“Decreasing the numbers of [army] generals. It’s not that I haven’t thought about it. But can we just fire all [generals] today?”

“My parents and teachers taught me to speak in mild-manner, to be polite and patient, not to curse, insult, or demean. They taught me that the accent reveals the language, the action reveals the family value.”

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