Vaccine civil war: Sinovac VS mRNA

11.6 million-plus doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered, or around 4.4 percent of the population: 6.4 million Sinovac.4.7 million AstraZeneca.160,000 Sinopharm. A vaccine civil war ensued over the past few months: Sinovac versus mRNA (specifically Pfizer and Moderna). Thais pushing for mRNA are called nation-hating Three-hooves. Thais whoContinue Reading

Welcome to La La Land

The tragic fire at Ming Dhi Chemical’s factory on 5 July (3am) in Soi Kingkaew, Samut Prakan Province, proves Thailand’s failure past, present, and likely future. PAST The factory was set up in 1989, producing foam and plastic in an area surrounded by other factories and not much else. ConstructionContinue Reading

Culture 101: when saving faces is more important than saving lives

There’s a conspiracy to allow Thailand’s medical professionals to possibly die to save the faces of the Kingdom’s ruling generals. The hashtag #ฉีดPfizerให้บุคลากรการแพทย์ (give Pfizer to medical professionals) is top trending. In addition, there’s an online campaign hunting for signatures for government submission. The news media reported a leaked governmentContinue Reading

The sexualization of a global pandemic

We didn’t want another article about Lisa Blackpink, really. But then again, even our first two articles this week weren’t really about Lisa. As per usual, they are a critique of Thailand’s cultural mindset. The Facebook Page “ไทยรู้สู้โควิด” (literal translation: Thais know/fight COVID) has 3.4 million followers. The page belongsContinue Reading

“Prayut, get out” is easy to say How to get Prayut out, that’s the question, na ja

Outside of the hardcore nationalists/traditionalists, General Prayut Chan-o-cha’s public support is dwindling fast. But it doesn’t mean a thing if we, the people, can’t get our proverbial shit together. From the so-called Salims (non-hardcore) to the so-called Three-hooves, at this point in the history of the Thai Kingdom, one thingContinue Reading