10 delicious quotes that might make you laugh or cry, or both

On 30 June, Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul explained the delay in vaccine procurement:

“I want to announce a missing person. We are ready to sign the Term Sheet with Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but we can’t contact Janssen Select Company. Is this our fault? We are speeding things up. In any case, I suspect the vaccine maker might be experiencing problems.”

Only 30 June, General Prawit Wongsuwan explained the government’s lockdown compensation strategy:

“We have helped everyone. What more do you want? Woh!”

General Prayut Chan-o-cha explained why a sandbox is a sandcastle during the 1 July visit to the island for the opening of the Phuket Sandbox and the “Hug Thais Hug Phuket” tourist campaign:

“I want Phuket to be a castle because we named it #PhuketSandbox. Simply put, we build it from the sand. Next, we must add bricks, rocks, and cement. Today, we must build a strong castle that will not crumble in the COVID or any situation.”

On his flight to Phuket:

“Today, I’m in a good mood. Sitting on the plane, I took photos throughout the trip. Clouds. Sky. Beautiful sea. When landed, there’s the gracious, welcoming party, bright and all smiling. I am happy.”

The unintentional irony when released a turtle into the sea:

“Go into the sea and open your eyes.”

Welcoming tourists at the terminal:

“Hello, welcome to Thailand.”

Reassuring all Thais:

“I will do my best. Until I don’t do it.”

On reporters:

“Don’t misinterpret my intention. I say something, and you interpret something else. I have so much to do, including COVID. I work on everything. The country cannot stand still. Don’t pull my legs and arms because then nothing will happen; everything will delay. That’s all I want to say. I’m in a good mood.”

When a reporter asked why the general and ministers were in Phuket when Thailand experienced the highest daily death rate:

“…..” [walked away]

Thaksin Shinawatra explained General Prayut’s mood swings in a 29 June Clubhouse episode:

“He should check his hormone. Men of an advanced age experience mood swings. When I went through it, I exercised, read a lot, and ate well. It’s natural.”

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