Pimry Pie VS General Prawit Wongsuwan

Pimry Pie is an online celebrity and businesswoman who enjoys doing humanitarian work but seems to always get into trouble for it.

Over the new year, she installed solar cell panels for a remote village. It caused embarrassment for the government, which said she overclaimed the solar cell panels’ costs.

Recently, she dug water well for another village at the cost of 190,000 baht, which social media promptly said it’s far cheaper than the cost when the government digs a well.

Unhappy about the bad publicity, General Prawit Wonsuwan said the cost depends on the dept of the water well and that the government digs deeper water wells.

The government then investigated Pimry Pie’s water well and said it’s only 40 meters deep and can only benefit a couple of families.

In a live video, Pimry Pie has this to say:

“The world has changed. The people have the right to express opinions. They want to know how the government budget is being used. Allow me to suggest [to the government], stop talking and start doing. The more you talk, the more laughable it is to the younger generation.”

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