The radicalization of the Thai people

How far can you push the people before they break?

In the French and Russian Revolutions, people were starving and rioting for bread. That’s not the situation in Thailand.

For there to be a revolution, a sizeable portion of the military has to break away. That’s unlikely to happen in Thailand.

Take the failure in COVID-19 and vaccine management. Compound it with the continued arrogance and haughtiness of the rulers. Combine it with the persecution of citizens through lawfare and the use of force against pro-democracy protestors. A revolution might not occur. Still, there is more and more radicalization.

The sentiments and rhetorics aren’t just against General Prayut Chan-o-cha and his government, but also the King and the monarchy. Thailand’s dual monarchy/military system has not been so tested since the student protests in the 1970s.

A million people might not be in the streets, but there are thousands and more, despite the pandemic. And the people will not stop coming out. When the pandemic invariably subsides, whether in six months, a year, or longer, more will come out.

Many have one commonality: They have nothing left to lose and willing to sacrifice their lives and freedom. Even on parole, Parit Chiwarak and others were there yesterday.

The tide of the people is unstoppable. Meanwhile, how much does the nation has to suffer?

If Thailand is a land of compromise, here’s what must happen.

It won’t solve the problem because Thailand’s tragedy has been decades in the making. However, it will ease the tension and pave the way to problem-solving. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

General Prayut must be “told” to resign, which is the only way he would resign. If the pandemic situation is too dire for an immediate election, the parliament may elect the prime minister among the remaining candidates. But the 250 senators must sit out. Within the year, dissolve the parliament and hold the election. Again, the 250 senators must sit out.

Simply put, fairness is what must happen: Return the power to the people. One-person-one-vote; not one-general-250-votes. We may then begin to rebuild Thailand.

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