Misplaced Priority: Loyalty to General Prayut is more important than saving lives

Should an interview question for organization recruitment nationwide be: “Have you now, or ever been, a Saam-geeb?”

On 1 August, in Udorn Thani Province, over 1,000 vehicles circled the city center to protest against the Prayut Chan-o-cha government. One protestor (name withheld) was caught on camera and recognized as a volunteered rescue worker at the Udon Swang Methathamstan Foundation. The Foundation promptly dismissed the rescue worker from its staff.

As such, the Foundation is now one staff less in rescuing people from fire, flood, accidents, other disasters natural or unnatural, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.

It begs to question, in a nation facing a crisis of healthcare workers shortage during a virus pandemic with 633,284 infections, 5,168 deaths, and still climbing, can any foundation afford to lose one volunteered worker?

Disagree with his political stance, if you will. Disagree with his protest action, if you must. But his stance and action are a matter of civil liberty that democracy should uphold. Moreover, he did not commit crimes against persons or properties.

Importantly, if someone is trapped in a burning car following an accident, would the first question they ask a rescue worker trying to pull them out of the car be:

“Are you a Slim or a Saam-geeb?”

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