In Thailand, we are millions of Theps and millions of Boxers

By September, Singapore plans to have 80% of the population fully vaccinated and opens its borders to fully vaccinated tourists without quarantine requirements. The rule will likely apply only to countries and regions where COVID-19 is under control.

Earlier this month, South Korea struck a swap deal with Isreal for 700,000 Pfizer vaccines and will return the favor with an equal number of doses in September. South Korea urgently needed vaccines. Israel had leftovers. Through aggressive diplomatic relations, they struck a bargain.

Those are examples of effective government.

In Thailand, Moderna won’t come until the fourth quarter, the same with Pfizer doses. The 1.5 million charity doses from the US will come earlier. All of which suffer bureaucratic red tapes and rumors of “thieving VVIPs.”

The distrust of thieving VVIPs and the crisis of confidence in leadership is such that the Thai Healthcare Workers Network representatives went to the United States Embassy yesterday to ask the USA to monitor Thailand’s Pfizer distribution.

Yesterday, legendary comedian Thep Po-ngam went on a video rant about how Thailand must come together, those who criticize the government are stupid, and the Thai government system is the best in the world.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one who believes this.

Often, the question is asked: why can’t Thais unite to make changes?

One of the answers is: Millions of Thais give complete trust and devotion to “the way things are” and “the power-that-be.”

Think of Boxer in “Animal Farm,” a horse of great strength and even greater naivete. He bows his head and works hard for little gains, forever mumbling, “Napoleon is always right.”

With blind worship, Boxer literally works himself death. Only at his last breath does he realizes he has been bamboozled. But, alas, it’s too late.

Thailand’s governing system and leaders like General Prayut Chan-o-cha endure because we are millions of Boxers. How? Why? Our education system indoctrinates instead of enlightens.

Here’s a thought: “Animal Farm” should be a priority reading at schools.

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