“Dude, let us handle it,” said Thailand’s CEOs and tycoons

Remember the beginning of The Godfather Part 2 when Fredo’s trophy wife was drunk at the party and caused embarrassment all around?

Fredo tried dragging her away and even threatened to hit her. She just laughed and mocked him. Michael gave a signal to his bodyguard, who came up to Fredo and told him that Michael said the bodyguard should take care of it if he can’t handle it. Fredo meekly nodded and stepped aside.

Don’t you wish General Prayut Chan-o-cha is more like Fredo? Just step aside and let those who know what they are doing take charge.

CP’s Dhanin Chearavanont said, “I would like to say to the government, let the private sector import the vaccines.” Sansiri’s Srettha Taweesin said, “The private sector must be allowed to import and administer vaccination as soon as possible.”

In a discussion hosted by the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC), 40 leading CEOs call for alternative vaccines and opening up the country. TCC’s Chairman Sanan Angubolkul said, “The government needs to find sufficient vaccines. We are ready to help.”

To make it really hurt where the sun doesn’t shine, Thaksin Shinawatra (aka Tony Woodsome) took to Clubhouse and said the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives are so good at vaccine management, they offer free vaccination to tourists. He suggested for Thailand to use tycoons and their connections to get vaccines.

For example: Dhanin (number 1 on Forbes 2020 Thailand’s 50 richest) can have a talk with China. Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi (number 3 richest) can have a chat with Singapore. Sarath Ratnavadi (number 5 richest) can give a call to the Middle East. Thaksin (number 16 richest) said he could hit up Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, General Prayut finally revealed the reason why Thailand lacks vaccines. He said government measures during the first COVID-19 outbreak were so effective that he did not see the need to prepare too many vaccines. Plus, the government wanted to see other countries use the vaccines first, to reduce the risks for the Thai people.

This week, the government said they are contacting other vaccine producers, such as Pfizer, and plan to import an additional 35 million doses for the Thai people.

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