The increasing anti-monarchy sentiment

If you follow the top trending hashtags, it seems anti-monarchy sentiment is everywhere. Nonetheless, the pro-monarchy sentiment continues. Last week, in a video interview with Vogue Thailand regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Princess Sirivannavari expressed her concerns for the well-being of the Thai people and gave the people encouragement. She alsoContinue Reading

Let’s move countries: the hopelessness of the younger generation

Over the weekend, #ย้ายประเทศกันเถอะ (let’s move countries) went viral. Group members are now north of 640,000 and still climbing. Twitter and Clubhouse are abuzz with banter about which country people would like to move to. Some reports said it started with Pepper Hananya, a young transgender person who faces SectionContinue Reading

Chanoknan Ruamsap is a political refugee who fled from Section 112

It’s the proverbial “กลืนไม่เข้าคายไม่ออก” (“can’t swallow it, can’t spit it out”) situation for an international organization operating in a country like Thailand. On the one hand, you can’t do humanitarian work without collaboration from the local government. On the other hand, you fear the wrath of the local government ifContinue Reading