The Good (guards), The Bad (guards), And The Ugly Truth About Vocational Students

“ผมเอาไม่อยู่แล้ว แกนนำก็ไม่มีเลย ไม่รู้ใครเป็นใคร” “I can no longer control the situation. There’re no leaders. Nobody knows who’s who.” – Doctor Tosaporn Sirirak posted on his Facebook Page Doctor Tosaporn is a respected figure in the pro-democracy movement. He tried his best, using the loudspeaker and asking the Bad Guards to standContinue Reading

The Return of Thaksin Shinawatra

Last night, 22 February, Thaksin Shinawatra appeared in the app Clubhouse, under the name Tony Woodsome. The original room filled up within minutes, spawning more and more rooms, broadcasting the audio. It’s also posted on YouTube. After the conversation, more rooms popped up to discuss what was said by ThaksinContinue Reading