From patongo to croissant: come “fin” with THAI

Thailand’s former pride and joy, Thai Airways International Pcl, has posted a net loss of 4.7 billion US dollars (141.2 billion baht). The COVID-19 pandemic is the main culprit.

However, annual losses in previous years cannot be blamed on the pandemic. They actually blame Thaksin Shinawatra, otherwise known as Tony Woodsome in Clubhouse.

On 2 March, the kingdom’s flag carrier submitted a debt restructuring plan to the bankruptcy court. Under the plan, THAI will halve its workforce from 21,000 to around 14,000-15,000.

Approximately 6,000-7,000 will be through voluntary resignation. In 2019, the workforce was around 29,000.

Over the past year, THAI has been selling stakes, selling buildings, cutting staff, and opening its flight simulators for public enjoyment.

Meanwhile, the smashing and sensational success of “THAI ปาท่องโก๋” (patongo, deep-fried dough stick) is no longer smashing or sensational. It’s still selling, mind you, however, like most trends, things have simmered down.

But worry not. “THAI DIY Croissant” is here.

This week, THAI launches mouth-watering croissants for the growling stomachs of Thais (and foreigners residing in Thailand).

Under the slogan “ไม่ต้องบินก็ฟินได้,” or “you ain’t got to fly to fulfill,” (that’s my best translation), you may now enjoy Plain Croissant (75 baht) with DIY Topping (18 baht per topping).

Topping choices: coconut, dark chocolate, almond, roasted coconut, almond sliced, crusted macadamia, hazelnut, and cashew nut.

Get our THAI Croissant at อร่อยล้นฟ้า Restaurant (Deliciousness Overflowing the Sky Restaurant, that’s also my best translation). Second floor, Building 1, THAI Headquarters, and also at the Silom Office.

This post is neither paid for nor sponsored by THAI.

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