Two Songs For the General, na-ja

Two songs recently released echoed the people’s sentiments.

“Na-ja Your Daddy” (“นะจ๊ะพ่อมึงสิ”) is a single by young country singers Porn Jantraporn and Joobjang Janjira, currently approaching 3.8 million views on Youtube.

“Na-ja” is a favorite word of General Prayut Chan-o-cha, a cutesy, playful way young lovers whisper much ado about l’amour to each other.

“Your Daddy” is an attack on someone’s father.

Here are the lyrics:

You said you wanted time / to improve and form understandings
Each day you make excuses / I must run far from you
Many years we’ve been together / nothing good came of it
All you do is talk / giving hope each day
Let’s break up / let’s finish up / place hope in a new lover
But still, you ask for a chance / telling me to endure more na-ja
Na-ja you daddy / I can no longer endure
Chances I have given / nothing good came in return
So many years enduring / let’s just break up for good
Wasting no more time / let’s break up na-ja, good boy

“Take Off the Mask” (“ถอดหัวโขน,” meaning reveal the truth or stop lying) is by folk music icon Lek Carabao of the legendary band, Carabao.

“หัวโขน” (hou-khon) is the traditional mask used in plays, such as Ramakien.

It has 557K views on Lek’s Facebook Page.

Here are the lyrics:

Don’t be arrogant / self-delusion thinking you’re better than others
Time passes / your age becomes older
Sags and wrinkles on your body are visible
Lines are clear to see / revealing what you’ve been through
Lines on your body / reveal for all to see
You’re a liar / enduring for so long because of shamelessness
Lines and wrinkles / you stomp on people’s hearts
So much and evermore / becoming so reviled
7 years have passed
Has the time passed / for what you once promised
Listen to the sound / na-ja na-ja / shameless
People dying every day / what are you thinking
So many people are sick of you
Cursing your thick, unabashed shamelessness
I’ve been watching you for so long
I feel pity / but I can’t pity you
No one can see the wrinkles in your heart
But they mark you always
There’s still a way out / take off the mask / throw it away
It’s better than enduring insults and curses each day

นะจ๊ะพ่อมึ_สิ – พร จันทพร Ft. จุ๊บแจง เจนจิรา [OFFICIAL MV]:
ถอดหัวโขน เล็กคาราบาว:

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