The vengeance of the general

What’s next for Thamanat Prompow? He has approximately 30 to 50 MPs in his hand, depending on who you ask, and is still Party Secretary. He can stay with the dysfunctional Palang Pracharat, form his own party, or rejoin Pheu Thai. He can lead an immediate exodus or wait nearerContinue Reading

The way of the guns

General Prayut Chan-o-cha came to power by the barrel of the gun. He maintains his power through the barrel of the gun. The constitution was written under the military dictatorship. The 250 senators were appointed by the military junta. Palang Pracharat Party was formed by General Prawit Wongsuwan. Hence, hisContinue Reading

Pimry Pie VS General Prawit Wongsuwan

Pimry Pie is an online celebrity and businesswoman who enjoys doing humanitarian work but seems to always get into trouble for it. Over the new year, she installed solar cell panels for a remote village. It caused embarrassment for the government, which said she overclaimed the solar cell panels’ costs.Continue Reading