Rice in the field, fish in the sea, government contracts in the army

If you’re a follower of Top News FC, Thai Pakdee, and Thailand Vision, one thing you would know for certain. Everything that’s wrong with this government, from alleged corruption to gross ineptitude, is the fault of dirty politicians.

In fact, if General Prayut Chan-o-cha would just get rid of these dirty politicians and return to the good-old-day of military dictatorship, or even absolute monarchy, then there would be no corruption.

Furthermore, the entirety of the Kingdom of Thailand would have already been vaccinated by the best vaccine humankind has ever created, Sinovac.

It’s true. Dirty democracy and dirty politicians that come from elections are the problems. If only the army could rule the kingdom with absolute power, oh what dreams may come.

Here’s an example of good governance that can only be had under a military dictatorship.

The two sons (Pathompol and Patipat) of General Prayut’s younger brother, General Preecha Chan-o-cha, used to make their residence inside the Third Region army base in Phitsanulok Province.

From inside the army base, they operated their company, Contemporary Construction.

If you think this smells fishy, then you are a dirty nation-hater. After all, in 2019, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) named the army “the most transparent” organization in the kingdom.

So whether it’s a government or a company formed inside the barracks, it is as clean and shiny as the Airbus C295 recently ordered by the army.

According to Isra News, the two young Chan-o-cha brothers currently run three companies: Contemporary, Be Wish Car Rental, and P-Right Construction. All three have “at least” 73 government contracts worth over 767 million baht.

In a 21 June article by Isra, the news agency reported after inquiring a “high level” source at the NACC whether there’s an investigation into something fishy. The reply was there isn’t.

Why should there be?

The army is the kingdom’s most transparent organization, and the generals are incorruptible. Just ask Top News FC, Thai Pakdee, and Thailand Vision.

If you smell something fishy, you’re a disloyal, three-hoove nation-hater.

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